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Managed Services

Medialine – your managed services provider

To run a successful business, you need an IT infrastructure that functions smoothly with high availability and efficient, automated business processes – at the lowest possible cost. You can trust in our expertise and many years of experience in the area of managed services. As a managed services provider, we provide customised IT services from the cloud or on-premises. We can provide you with single applications or with an entire IT infrastructure virtually, in a private or a public cloud, via our ISO 27001-certified, geo-redundant data centres. This is secure, flexible, based on your needs and affordable. Since we operate our data centres at colocation areas in Deutsche Telekom Group data centres in Frankfurt and Hamburg, we are governed by German data protection law. Your data is absolutely secure with us.

Reap the benefits of a managed cloud infrastructure

With our managed services, we take a holistic approach to the solution. In addition to our own cloud services, we also work with our strategic service partners’ solutions, such as Microsoft Azure Cloud, Germany. Due to our modular service concept, you benefit from customised cloud services that you can scale flexibly via our self-service portal – from your virtual IT infrastructure (IaaS), to development platforms (PaaS), through to business applications (SaaS) and workstations from the cloud (DaaS).

Full Managed Service

Full managed service – use IT as a service

In fast-paced daily business, many companies are left with little or no time to deal with their IT or drive their own innovations forward. Using our full managed service means that you can focus entirely on your core business while we look after your IT. As an experienced managed services provider, we can organise all of your IT operations – on-premises (on your site), in our ISO 27001-certified data centres or as a hybrid solution that combines the advantages of both service models. For example, you can use your e-mail service from the cloud, while you operate your ERP system locally as an on-premises solution. You can also expand your capacity by drawing resources from the cloud as an extension of your on-premises environment and connecting the systems with each other. Therefore, as well as maximum flexibility and scalability, you also benefit from having an IT infrastructure with high availability.

IT flat rate

With our full managed service, we look after all of your IT for a fixed monthly price – from your on-premises data centre, to the infrastructure on your site, through to the individual workstation. We ensure defined functions, so you can depend on an IT infrastructure that functions smoothly and forms a reliable basis for your strategic business development. Powerful business applications such as ERP solutions, CRM systems and databases that we provide for you will support you in achieving your goals. Not least, formalised service level agreements (SLAs), qualified support and the ability to define availability as needed mean that you are guaranteed maximum IT operational reliability and flexibility. Just contact us. We’d be happy to determine the potential uses of our full managed service in your company.

Managed Server

Managed servers for a customised IT infrastructure

Companies need to be able to react quickly and flexibly to changing conditions – including those concerning their hardware. With our managed server offering, you will be optimally prepared for frequently changing workloads and will also benefit from maximum availability. As an experienced managed server provider, we can take over the complete operation of your IT infrastructure. We can operate your physical servers on-premises (on your site) or provide virtual servers for you – in our CompanyCloud or in connected data centres (via the Microsoft Azure platform, for example).

Customised services

As a managed server provider, our service includes not only security management, patch management, incident management and change management, but also system monitoring and both German and English-speaking support. We also offer you other additional services, from release management and licence management, to inventory management and asset management, through to individually tailored service and maintenance work on the server. This allows you to focus on your core processes, while we look after your IT.

Managed Workplace

Managed workplace – your virtual workplace from the cloud

Setting up and managing local workplaces can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. However, there is an uncomplicated and affordable option that allows you to use a high-performance workplace – without having to make any investment in your own data centre and the appropriate hardware. With our managed workplace services, we make your entire workplace available to you virtually in our CompanyCloud – from the back-end infrastructure, to the licensed software, through to the essential security functions and German-speaking support, with optional support in English also. You can rely on our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering and benefit from a managed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). You can standardise your client environment, ensure seamless operation in different time zones and react to market and growth requirements.

In the cloud and on-premises

As a full managed service, we provide your virtual workplace on various stationary and mobile devices such as PCs, desktops, notebooks and tablets. Our managed workplace concept includes device management, update management, patch management, rollout management and lifecycle management, but also the provision of standard applications such as Microsoft Office, Exchange and SharePoint, and individual applications such as ERP, CRM, DMS or PPS systems. If you need on-premises operation because you have data that can only be stored locally, we can of course also provide your workplace on your site.

Proven and secure

We provide you with a complete VDI environment based on the enterprise virtualisation solutions VMware Horizon View, Microsoft Remote Desktop (Terminal Services) or Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp. We analyse your individual needs and use the technology that meets your requirements perfectly. Thus, we can provide you with a virtual workplace with SSL or certificate-based encryption, two-factor authentication and single sign-on out-of-the-box. Thanks to our geo-redundant, ISO27001-certified data centres, your data is in the best hands with us.

Managed Mail

Flexible and scalable – your Exchange mail server from the cloud

Operating and hosting a company mail server can be expensive and time-consuming – not to mention potential failures and the difficulties that these entail. With our managed mail service, we provide you with a virtual communications platform from our CompanyCloud, which increases the efficiency of your business processes, links your employees regardless of location and therefore facilitates collaboration. We host your e-mail mailboxes (up to 25GB of storage) in a private or public cloud. You can draw your own mail server from the cloud, or your mailboxes can be stored centrally in a large Exchange system. Naturally, you can integrate your Exchange server into our Active Directory.

Managed mail servers for maximum scalability and flexibility

Our managed mail service provides you with the highest possible levels of functionality, security and convenience. Without having to invest in your own hardware and software, you can gain password-protected access to your synchronised e-mails from anywhere using any stationary or mobile device, distribute tasks to your team members, create group calendars or easily link contacts, appointments and tasks. You benefit from maximum scalability and flexibility, for example, when you are taking on new employees or when many people are working together on large projects.

E-Mail Hosting made in Germany

Your e-mails are in the best hands with us. As a provider who is certified in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), we operate our geo-redundant, ISO27001-certified data centres at colocation areas in Deutsche Telekom Group data centres in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Therefore, the data that you store in the cloud remains on servers in Germany. Our e-mail hosting services naturally include comprehensive, always up-to-date, integrated virus and spam protection, TLS-encrypted e-mail communication, legally compliant e-mail archiving at server level and strong OTP authentication.

Managed Mail Security

Effective protection against e-mail threats from the cloud

Protecting your own IT infrastructure reliably from viruses, malware, spam and phishing is now more important than ever. Infected e-mails are annoying for the individual users, but for companies, malware can become a problem that threatens their existence, with an impact that is difficult to predict. With our managed mail security solutions, we provide you with highly effective protection against IT threats that spread via e-mail. Our mail security service also offers another important advantage besides – you can operate your own mail server while we take care of the necessary security. If you so wish, we can ensure mail business continuity in the event of an attack by caching your e-mails and making them available for you.

Hosted E-Mail Security

We filter several million e-mails per day, and therefore, we are considerably more reliable when it comes to recognising spam and malware than a locally installed security solution. As your e-mail gateway is not directly on the Internet, we can protect your mail server comprehensively against overloading and attacks (phishing, DHA and DoS attacks). You can manage your security settings via our self-service portal without having to implement, operate or maintain your own security software. The essential security of your e-mails and the information within them is ensured by our partner Hornetsecurity. We host our e-mail security solution from the cloud in three German data centres belonging to this company, which is audited by international independent testing agency TÜV Rheinland.

Managed Mail Archiv

Tamper-proof e-mail Archiving as a Service

Archiving business e-mails on paper, on the mail server or using a manual backup is the order of the day in many companies. If employees use the e-mail system for archiving, difficulties arise such as enormous mailboxes that completely overload the e-mail system. Another problem is that of manual processes, which increase the risk of error and make compliance with legal requirements for e-mail archiving more difficult. Under these legal requirements, companies have to store e-mails for up to ten years, and it must be verifiable that they cannot be altered. Only thus can it be ensured that they fulfil the requirement of being tamper-proof for auditing. Additionally, many companies have functional requirements for the archiving, to fulfil defined compliance requirements, for example, or to ensure the required traceability. With our managed mail archive, we offer you a simple option for functional and tamper-proof storage of e-mails using our CompanyCloud.

Needs-based e-mail archiving for companies

With our managed mail archive, we provide you with a service for automatic archiving of e-mails from all kinds of different systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino/Notes, GroupWise and Microsoft Outlook. For archiving, we focus on the ELO XC, Mailstore and Barracuda Message Archiver technologies, which we can make available to you in a private or a public cloud. We can advise you on the most suitable solution for your company, provide you with a customised IT infrastructure and manage the complete operation of your archiving software. Thus, we can guarantee the functionality of your e-mail Archive as a Service. You can at all times access your e-mail archive, search across mailboxes for e-mails, view e-mails and manage archiving policies.

E-mail archiving from the cloud

You don’t have to worry about the security of your confidential e-mails. We host the managed mail archive on servers in our geo-redundant, ISO27001-certified data centres at colocation areas in Deutsche Telekom Group data centres in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Thus, along with guaranteeing maximum data security, we ensure that the exchange of data with your network is secure.

Managed Monitoring

Managed monitoring: proactive monitoring of your data centre

Companies are reliant on IT systems that must be secure and function smoothly. For maximum security, you need a powerful monitoring solution. Only with end-to-end monitoring can you react as quickly as possible to failures – or even prevent them in advance. Detailed reports are not only useful for system monitoring, but also to help you with adherence to service level agreements (SLAs) and with the documentation of services provided.

Needs-based monitoring

We can offer you needs-based monitoring solutions that enable proactive monitoring of your entire data centre – from the infrastructure to the applications – out-of-the-box, either on-premises or in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS). You can operate the software solutions via an intuitive Web user interface or using an app from your smartphone. They allow you to collect information from networks and selected systems and store it to be subsequently analysed in a database. You can configure reports and evaluate the results. You are also notified about failures in the monitored systems by e-mail alerts or text messages. This allows you to prevent performance bottlenecks, reduce downtime and ensure a higher quality of service.

Managed Security

Reliable protection for networks and workstations from the cloud

Simple virus protection is not sufficient to protect your network and workstations from attacks. In fact, you need comprehensive protection for servers, laptops, virtual desktops, mobile devices, and Internet and e-mail communications. With our managed security services, you can protect your gateways and your endpoints efficiently – and enable your employees to work proactively.

Managed gateway Security as a Service

For the security of your network, we provide you with proven, highly-scalable firewall and unified threat management (UTM) technologies, either from our CompanyCloud or on-premises. The technologies we use are based on Sophos and SonicWALL. Protect your network comprehensively – from virtual private networks (VPNs) and the WLAN, to Web and e-mail gateways, through to Web servers. We also provide services tailored to your needs such as DoS/DDoS protection, security monitoring and security health checks. Thus, you benefit from reliable intrusion prevention, at the same time meeting the IT baseline protection standards according to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). You can focus on your core business while we ensure that you have effective network security protection including Web security, mail security and sandboxing.

Managed endpoint Security as a Service

We can ensure that your endpoints are protected with reliable security – from the cloud or on-premises. Here, we focus on effective virus, malware and device protection that also allows you to control, monitor and manage access to devices and external data media. No matter whether you have Windows, Mac or Linux workstations, with our Security as a Service offering, your workstations are comprehensively secured – from hacker attacks, zero day threats, command and control data communications, rootkits, malicious traffic, Web exploit code and malicious URLs. Detailed, event-driven reports give you a transparent overview of threats that have been detected and eliminated. Thus, you can protect your workstations from targeted attacks and fully implement your security policy.

Managed Datacenter Backup

Data centre backup in the cloud for maximum data security

Against the backdrop of progressive digitalisation, data security is more important than ever. Information that is stored locally must be secured just like the data on the servers in your data centre. Therefore, the operation of a backup site – and purchase of the appropriate hardware that is involved in this – is often very costly. With our managed backup services, we offer you a convenient and budget-friendly option for backing up your data centre virtually in our CompanyCloud. The technological basis of our managed data centre backup is formed by Veeam Cloud Connect and Quest Rapid Recovery, which are some of the solutions we prefer to use. When necessary, you can simply access a generated backup in our geo-redundant, ISO27001-certified data centres using our cloud disaster recovery solutions. This eliminates the risk of a catastrophic data loss and ensures business continuity in the event of a crisis.

WAN-optimised, deduplicated, compressed, encrypted

To use our managed data centre backup, there is just one prerequisite – you only need access to the Internet to benefit from all of the advantages of our managed storage and backup concept. Since our backup service is specially optimised for WAN environments, we quickly bring your backup into the cloud, keeping the quantity and scope of the saved data manageable thanks to previous deduplication and compression. For data transfer over a secure SSL connection, we have reliable end-to-end encryption – even without a virtual private network (VPN). Furthermore, with efficient traffic shaping, we ensure that a backup uses only a previously defined bandwidth.

Managed Endpoint Backup

Encrypted backups for maximum data security

The work environment is becoming increasing more mobile. Employees expect to be able to access all of the data that they need for their work, regardless of time, location or endpoint device. When providing you with the flexibility you require, the security of the data stored on the devices is an important basic prerequisite. With our endpoint backup solutions based on Carbonite Endpoint Protection, you can create secure, encrypted backups of your data – whether it is on PCs or desktops, or on mobile endpoint devices such as notebooks, tablets or smartphones. Thanks to automated installation of the client software centrally, in most cases you do not have to install any backup software on the individual endpoint devices or set up a virtual private network on them. Your business-critical data is also secured in the case of a lost or defective device. All you need is Internet access to make a backup or to easily restore system settings or installed applications. This saves costs and speeds up the process of putting the new device into service.

Fully-automatic backup and restore

As part of our endpoint backup concept, your data is coded and transferred to a fully-encrypted virtual safe on servers in our ISO 27001-certified data centres, to which only you have access. Our self-service portal allows you to manage your Web-based managed client backup solution yourself at all times. You can centrally distribute the backup software, administer various backups and specify the company data that needs special protection, according to your needs. The global deduplication is a great advantage. In order to significantly reduce the volume of data and take the load off your IT infrastructure, instead of backup and recovery of business-critical data taking place on each individual device, it is fully automatic and runs interruption-free in the managed backup solution. Therefore, identical data is available on all devices. When being used online, the data is stored in the local cache.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Virtual emergency data centre for maximum fail safety

A failure in your IT infrastructure can have far-reaching consequences – such as annoyed customers, damage to your reputation or sales losses. With powerful cloud disaster recovery solutions, you provide for business continuity in the event of a crisis. As it is very costly to operate a backup data centre, it is recommended to use an on-demand virtual data centre. We replicate your virtual machines (VMs) in a private cloud and keep the IaaS resources available for you. Thus, we can provide your IT infrastructure in our CompanyCloud cost-efficiently for you at short notice if required. Our ISO27001-certified data centre fulfils the highest security requirements and has high-performance connections to more than 100 carriers.

Backup Service

You also have the option of using our computing capacities for your backup. When you use our backup service, which is specially optimised for WAN environments, we back up your virtual environment in our data centre on an ongoing basis. After the initial transfer of all your existing data, in each subsequent backup we replicate only the changes. This reduces capacity loading and allows the backup window to be considerably shortened – backups can be set up overnight, for example, to save time. For the maximum security of your data, we keep a pre-specified number of versions available for you. For fully-secured data centres, for individual virtual servers or for files and objects, you can carry out a restore at the touch of a button.

Device Management

Endpoint device management – flexible, affordable, secure

Management and provisioning of stationary and mobile devices requires extensive expertise – whether it’s a matter of inventorying hardware, distributing software or rolling out operating systems. Powerful software solutions are very costly, while standalone solutions generally lack the essential ability to be integrated. Our endpoint device management (EDM) offers you a user-friendly, cloud-based service (EDM as a Service) for the secure provisioning and management of your devices. Using our self-service portal, you can scale your EDM as a Service based on your needs and manage your systems comprehensively – from provisioning to management through to decommissioning. You benefit from maximum performance, reliability and flexibility. You also save time and costs, as you can put your devices into operation in no time without any specific hardware or software.

EDM as a Service for stationary clients

With our device management service, you can manage all of the PCs, desktops and workstations connected to the network for a fixed monthly price – from system inventory and system administration, to management of updates and patches, through to asset management. You can keep track of all your devices at all times and manage your entire infrastructure, improve the level of security, meet compliance requirements, distribute software automatically and automate rollouts. Our EDM as a Service is available to you as a locally provided virtual or physical appliance and as a hosted solution. The Web interface and app allows you to stay on top of your device management at all times and makes it quick and straightforward to generate analyses.

EDM as a Service for mobile clients

Our EDM as a Service also allows you to centrally provision, manage and secure Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets. You can seamlessly integrate the mobile endpoint devices into your existing IT system landscape and apply current security policies to them. Thanks to encryption, the mobile devices, your network and the data stored there have optimal protection in case of theft or loss; you can track the devices, lock them remotely, delete the data on them (remote erase) and restrict their mobility (geofencing). In addition, data that is critical to operations is encapsulated so it is separately protected from unauthorised access. To complete our EDM as a Service for mobile devices, we provide extensive options for inventory management, provisioning, application deployment, device locking and unlocking, remote reset to factory settings, management of configuration, policy and profiles, automated IT administration and IT reporting.
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