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CompanyCloud – Eine Plattform, umfassende Services
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CompanyCloud – one platform, comprehensive services

With our CompanyCloud, we are following a hybrid cloud architecture approach and offering you a complete cloud portfolio on one platform. Here, we combine services from the areas:  Housing and hosting, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service..PaaS, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our cloud offering – flexible and modular

Benefit from innovative solutions that are always cutting-edge and a modular service model – you choose yourself which modules and services you will use. This means that you can always adjust your solution to meet the current requirements.

Hosting & Housing

Medialine – your experts for server housing, server hosting and web hosting

Many companies have their own server room, which results in high acquisition and operating costs and involves an increased risk of serious data loss – not to mention the cost involved in creating and securing backups. One simple alternative is our colocation offering: if you cannot or do not want to virtualise your hardware, we can rent you rack space for your servers on carrier-neutral colocation sites.

Server housing in state-of-the-art data centres

In our ISO27001-certified data centres in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Salzburg, we can provide housing capacity tailor-made for you – from individual server floor space, to entire racks (cages), through to multiple rack spaces in the form of a private room (suite). Our data centres stand out due to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, a multilevel security concept, an innovative fire early warning system, efficient supply of power and redundant air conditioning systems. To supplement our colocation services, we also offer you a range of additional services in the area of managed housing – we can offer you suitable floor space for your own servers and manage your equipment in our data centres. Furthermore, you have the option to book additional services from us, such as hands-on service or backup. Thus, you can ensure that your IT infrastructure is operating at top performance at all times.

Needs-based server hosting

We also offer you the option of hosting your own servers or customisable servers with us – we can provide complete servers and storage systems for dedicated use based on your needs (managed hosting). Our data centres are connected with more than 70 carriers and therefore provide outstanding connectivity. We can also access other data centres all over Europe, we focus on sustainable energy management, provide integrated support and help you with technical issues. In addition to a powerful server architecture that is at the same time fail-safe, you also benefit from flexible scalability. Our host offering is supplemented with additional managed services, such as professional update and patch management, which ensure the smooth operation of your servers. You can focus on your core business and we’ll take care of your IT infrastructure.

Web hosting – flexible and affordable

As experienced Internet experts, naturally we also provide Web domains. With our Web hosting packages for company portals, e-commerce solutions and corporate websites, we have a suitable solution for every need – from the provision of a single domain through to extensive multi-domain solutions. Of course, we can also host your online shop. Just contact us. We’ll be happy to draw up a quotation tailored for you based on your individual requirements.» Cloud Calculator


IaaS – for maximum scalability and flexibility

It is expensive to purchase and operate new servers, so many companies shy away from this investment. Other companies find that they have created an IT infrastructure that is too large for normal operation and therefore gives rise to unnecessary costs. In both of these situations, it is recommended to use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) instead, so that IT infrastructures can be dynamically scaled. With our IaaS offering, we make IT capacity such as servers, storage, network and the rest of the data centre infrastructure available to you virtually. Rather than using a physical single server, you benefit from a virtualised environment in our CompanyCloud, which you can scale according to your needs using our self-service portal. This increases your flexibility and achieves maximum control over your IT costs.

Scale according to your needs

As an IaaS provider, we make a private cloud available to you in the context of a dedicated VLAN. You use only as many infrastructure resources as you actually need – in the areas of data centre, connectivity, storage, CPU, RAM and backup, for instance. This enables you to map all kinds of different workflows flexibly and based on your needs, such as the provision of virtual desktops and connection to databases and applications servers (e.g. for ERP, CRM and BI systems). Using our self-service portal, you can carry out the configuration and operational management of the virtual machines complete with corresponding services. Alternatively, you can task us with the complete management of your IaaS solution. In this case, we take care of operating the solution, including patch and update management in defined maintenance windows.

Highly available and secure

Our IaaS hosting relies on enterprise technologies of industry standard. For virtualisation, we use the proven solutions VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix. Needless to say, the security of your business-critical data is our top priority. We operate our geo-redundant, ISO27001-certified data centres at colocation areas in Deutsche Telekom Group data centres in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Therefore, we can guarantee that the data you store in the cloud remains safely in Germany and highly available thanks to connections with more than 100 carriers.

Personalised consulting

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner. Therefore, you can have access to the Microsoft Azure Cloud in Germany upon request. As an experienced IaaS provider, we can advise you professionally on all matters related to the cloud and on possible IaaS usage scenarios in your company. Just contact us. We’re always here for you!


PaaS – customised platforms for application development

To operate local IT environments for developing your own applications requires a great deal of effort and generates high costs. On the contrary, our Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering allows you to focus completely on application development. We can provide the platform you need, complete with programming environments, in our CompanyCloud – and you can choose a private or a public cloud. Without having to worry about any system administration or maintenance, your developers can work on the same projects even when they are in different locations. Thus, you benefit from more efficient software development and a shorter time to market, while bringing costs down at the same time because you do not have to build your own data centre infrastructure.

Customised PaaS installation for your application development

The technical basis of PaaS is our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, with the addition of databases (Database as a Service) such as Microsoft SQL or MySQL and various development tools. Based on this ready-made data centre solution concept, we provide you with a platform on which you can develop, test, run, use and extend your own applications. We support standard development tools such as .NET, Java, PHP, JIRA, Confluence, JBoss and Visual Studio on Windows and Linux operating systems, and we provide these tools for you as part of your customised PaaS installation. Other tools such as Microsoft Sharepoint or Active Directory basic services, content management systems (CMSs), database services or tools for assigning rights, for example, are seamlessly connected via interfaces. Therefore, you benefit from a customised platform on which you can develop applications flexibly, securely and quickly.

Perfect combination

Our PaaS is perfect for combining with Software as a Service and Desktop as a Service. For example, you can operate a development platform in the cloud on which you provide your own applications, such as an ERP solution like Mesonic WinLine, in the form of SaaS. The applications are then available virtually via DaaS to the users on various stationary and mobile devices such as PCs, desktops, notebooks and tablets.

Security first

Needless to say, we ensure the security of your business-critical data at all times. We operate our ISO27001-certified data centres at colocation areas in Deutsche Telekom Group data centres in Frankfurt and Hamburg. This allows us to use cross-data centre solutions for the provisioning of your platform. It also guarantees that the data you store in the cloud remains safely in Germany and highly available at all times.


DaaS – any place, any time, any device

Setting up and maintaining an IT environment locally is a challenge. The maintenance and management of desktop workstations alone results in a great deal of effort and high costs – not to mention the errors caused by different software versions and security risks that can go hand in hand with unpatched workstations. What’s more, an increasing number of employees also want mobile access to relevant business applications. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions offer a simple but secure option for providing access to the usual IT environment at any time and from anywhere, regardless of the endpoint device type or platform. We can make your virtual workstations available via our CompanyCloud – flexibly and based on your needs. This means that you can react to market and growth requirements, ensure seamless operation in different time zones, standardise your client environment and, not least, uncouple expertise from location (if development and production are located in different branches, for example).

Virtualisation at the highest level

Without having to invest in your own data centre and the appropriate hardware, you can profit from all the advantages of a managed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). We provide you with a complete VDI environment based on the enterprise virtualisation solutions, Microsoft Remote Desktop or Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp. Our DaaS concept also allows managed workplaces to be mapped in the CAD realm. Based on PCoIP technology from teradici or HDX 3D from Citrix, thanks to CAD virtualisation you can use applications such as HiCAD, AutoCAD, Nemetscheck or Solidworks with a high level of performance for even the most graphically-demanding workstations.

Service tailored to your needs

Thanks to our self-service portal, you have full control at all times over the level of service you require – from a simple service allocation through to our full managed service, where we take over the complete operational management of your virtual environment as a service. We can also manage your local IT environment if you wish. With our modular service concept, we offer you services tailored to your needs.

Security first

Of course, you never have to worry about the security of your business-critical data. We operate our geo-redundant, ISO27001-certified data centres at colocation areas in Deutsche Telekom Group data centres in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Therefore, the data that you store in the cloud remains on servers in Germany. Maximum security is also ensured by the fact that we make your virtual workstations available in a private cloud – complete with SSL-based or certificate-based encryption. The private cloud also has two further advantages. Thanks to single sign-on, you need to be authenticated only once to access all of the local services that you are authorised to use via your virtual desktop. Two-factor authentication can also be set up if you wish. The user then needs two independent components to log on to their workstation, such as a password and an employee ID.


Software as a Service: business applications for greater efficiency

You can benefit from more efficient business processes – with our Software as a Service solutions. In the areas of enterprise content management (ECM), customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP), we can offer you the right solutions and implement them in your existing infrastructure. This has benefits for you. The investment costs for implementing a SaaS solution are low, as you do not need any additional hardware and do not have to purchase any expensive software licences. Our SaaS applications provide you with highly-scalable, flexible solutions that can be customised to your needs at all times.


With our ECM solution, ELO, you have a comprehensive overview of all of the company information. This saves you from having to carry out time-consuming searches for documents and information. You will benefit from high transparency and from fast, cost-saving work processes. Find out more about ELO now.


Optimise your customer management with cobra CRM and facilitate better customer relationships, thus making your company even more successful. Read more about cobra.


With mesonic WinLine, you can organise your company and benefit from optimally mapped business processes in a customised ERP solution – whether it is for project management, customer management, financial accounting, fixed asset accounting or payroll. Find out more about mesonic WinLine now.

ECM as a Service

ELO ECM: successful document management for your company Companies today have to process a mass of information and documents – both paper-based and digital. However, an enterprise content management (ECM) system gives you the means to organise work processes as efficiently as possible and to digitally manage company information of all types – from Word documents and Excel tables to PowerPoint presentations through to PDF files, and many others. ELO Digital Office ELO is a centralised ECM platform for paper-based and digital documents that benefits you with an improved infrastructure and fast, efficient, cost-saving processes. There are ELO ECM solutions for any company of any size – small or medium-sized businesses or global corporations. Long-standing customer relationships and many years of project experience make us the perfect partner for optimising your processes with ELO. We advise you personally and develop solutions according to your specific requests. Thus, we provide you with a needs-based ELO system that gives you exactly the functionality that you require in your business environment. Naturally, we remain there for you as your partner beyond the implementation for support and regular updates.

CRM as a Service

CRM as a Service: customer relationship management from the cloud Professional customer relationship management (CRM) is the basis for successful customer relationships. For maximum efficiency, flexibility and scalability in your customer relationship management, we can offer you various enterprise CRM systems from our CompanyCloud. Needless to say, your customer data is absolutely secure in our ISO27001-certified data centres, where we can also provide geo-redundancy if you wish. The advantage of CRM as a Service is that you save costs on hardware and installation and do not have to tie yourself to expensive software licences over a long period of time. In addition, you do not have to definitively specify the scope of your solution in advance and you benefit from an industry-standard CRM tool that is readily available. We supply you with a CRM solution that best meets your individual requirements and we can integrate it with other existing systems for you if required. This allows you to effectively maintain and strengthen your customer relationships, increase customer satisfaction, identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities in a targeted way and exploit sales potential. Cobra CRM Pro Cobra CRM Pro provides your company with an efficient tool to hold your ground in fierce competition for new customers and to increase your sales. The CRM tool offers a wide range of functions. These can range from address and contact management, including assistants for mail merges and e-mails, to Business Intelligence functions for perfect analyses using dashboards to manage and monitor your business activities. From marketing to sales through to management, Cobra provides the right tools for holistic customer care. The enhanced security mechanisms, apps for use on tablets and smartphones and optional integration into Microsoft Outlook enable you to fully exploit your business potential. CAS genesisWorld With CAS genesisWorld, we provide your sales and marketing people with a standard CRM system that best supports your customer relationship management – from the first customer contact, to mapping and flexible access to complex sequences of tasks, through to after-sales service. This modular CRM is flexible and can be customised to your individual needs. It supports all CRM-specific processes, brings all CRM data together centrally, has a sophisticated, multilevel rights system for managing users, groups and roles, identifies customers who are highly likely to purchase and it can also be used on mobile devices. Solid reports and analyses form a sound basis for decision-making. The system allows you to recognise cross-selling and upselling potential at a glance and also to increase your profits as a result of improved customer service. Furthermore, CAS genesis World offers integrated project and resource management, individually customisable dashboards, interactive functions for automated processes, and a deep level of data integration with existing ERP systems.

ERP as a Service

ERP as a Service – enterprise resource planning from the cloud  To be able to ensure an efficient value-added process and manage all operational processes optimally, a company needs a professional system for enterprise resource planning (ERP). With our ERP as a Service, you benefit from all the advantages of a cloud offering – no high installation costs or costly investment in hardware and software, immediate availability and maximum scalability. Since you do not have to tie yourself to specific licensing terms over a long period of time or specify the scope of your solution from the beginning, you also have considerably more flexibility and can customise your ERP system to your company’s current needs at any time. With mesonic WinLine, we offer you a powerful, user-friendly ERP solution from the cloud that can be customised to your individual requirements. This allows you to map your business processes optimally, manage them efficiently and monitor them reliably. The ERP system favoured by medium-sized companies This modular ERP software has components for financial and fixed asset accounting, merchandise management and order processing, human resources, cost accounting and customer relationship management. The module for production planning and control is used by industrial companies in particular. Completing the range of functions of mesonic WinLine, it includes special components for online business and the means to access our ERP services from the cloud via mobile devices also. Needless to say, we guarantee the security of your valuable business data. It is absolutely secure in our geo-redundant, ISO27001-certified data centres.
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