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Microsoft Azure Cloud Deutschland sorgt für höchste Datensicherheit
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Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud, Germany – for maximum data security

Data is an extremely valuable asset for companies. It has to be reliably protected at all times against unauthorised access and potential misuse in the cloud also. As an experienced IaaS provider and Microsoft Gold Partner, we can provide access to the Microsoft Azure Cloud in Germany. We can advise you regarding your individual needs, work out a utilisation plan tailored to your needs and provide you with the required IaaS and PaaS capacities on demand. Furthermore, with Medialine, you have the option to use your Microsoft Azure Cloud solution in combination with additional services from our CompanyCloud. Here, we ensure that integration is seamless and so you benefit from a unified infrastructure that is based on your needs.

Managed cloud with a German data trustee

When you opt for the Microsoft Azure Cloud in Germany, you can do so in the certainty that your business-critical data will remain safely on servers in German data centres. As the data trustee, T-Systems monitors and checks every physical and technical access to your data – in accordance with German law. Only you have full control over your data. Nobody is authorised to access it, unless German law demands access by a third party. Additional security is ensured by the fact that Microsoft complies with the strict Data Protection Directive from the European Union data protection authorities and has committed itself to the international ISO/IEC27018 standard for data protection in the cloud.

Benefit from enterprise technologies

Azure is an open and flexible platform for all kinds of different cloud services – from provision of computing power, storage capacity and network technologies, to backup and disaster recovery, through to provision of applications. Azure can be integrated into your IT environment through an extensive network with virtual private networks (VPNs), hybrid database and storage technologies and powerful archiving and encryption functions. Therefore, you can extend your IT infrastructure in line with your needs, at the same time benefitting from all the advantages of a hybrid cloud solution.

  • Scalable: You can use any of the Azure services according to your needs and adapt the required resources to changing conditions.
  • Integrated: You can seamlessly connect Azure to your existing IT environment using APIs.
  • Open: Benefit from professional technologies. Azure supports a wide range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices.
  • Fast: You can access various integrated tools and templates in order to easily create, roll out and manage new applications.
  • Affordable: Benefit from per-minute billing and an optimal price-performance ratio.
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We’ll be happy to draw up an individual plan for your company to make efficient use of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Germany.
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