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Mit Voice & Unified Communication-Lösungen profitieren Sie von einer Plattform für die zentrale Organisation von sämtlichen Kommunikationskanälen
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Voice & Unified Communication

The selection of communication channels must above all be suitable for your company. We can provide you with the selection and integration of different applications for your personal voice or unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solution. Intelligent telephone systems, CTI, presence management and instant messaging allow you to design the communication in your company more effectively. You can optimise the users’ workflow by minimising errors, making repetitive tasks easier and facilitating teamwork (including collaboration across company boundaries with business partners). We can give you manufacturer-independent advice in the area of digital or cloud-based telephony and develop the perfect solution for you, which we integrate into your business processes so as to achieve a precise fit. With our subsidiary ITK communications GmbH, we have a highly-specialised business unit with extensive knowledge of the industry, special expertise and many years of experience. As we have worked with our manufacturer partners Mitel and Avaya for many years, we can guarantee the reliability and quality of the hardware used.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Media integration – Media integration allows the automatic control of incoming calls, e-mails etc. to the endpoint devices that the user particularly prefers or has available. You can define rules for individual callers, times of day and different endpoint devices and improve the accessibility and decision-making processes in your company.
  • Presence information – UC systems determine the presence status of an employee at device level. Therefore, it is immediately apparent whether a recipient can best be reached by telephone or by e-mail at that moment, or if they are not reachable. This allows you to improve the exchange of information and the collaboration within your company, but also externally with customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Context integration – If a registered user of the UC system turns up in an application e.g. as the author of a document, the presence status of the user is displayed immediately. This enables direct communication to be established with a click, such as a video conference to clarify questions about the document. These time savings can mean a decisive competitive edge for your company.
  • Collaboration features – UC systems can also usefully be expanded with further collaboration features such as Web conferencing, whiteboards and application sharing. These additions allow you, for example, to be working on documents or interactive presentations at the same time.


Communicate in the way it suits you!

Modern business communications demand a variety of channels. Despite numerous tools, it often proves difficult to organise communication with colleagues, across different locations, or with customers or partners. With unified communications, all of the communication channels in a company are integrated into one platform. Your data and voice networks, endpoint devices, communication channels and IT and process applications are consolidated into an integrated communications environment and provided to the user with an easy-to-use interface. Thus, unified communications increase the accessibility of parties who are communicating when doing collaborative work and accelerate your business processes.Our UCC solutions and modules at a glance:

ITK voice solution: telephony from the cloud – scalable, flexible, reliable

We have our own high-performance cloud telephony solution with the ITK Voice Solution from ITK communications. This is a complete telephone service for companies. As an all-in-one solution, it includes telecommunications system, endpoint devices, connection, voice traffic, CTI, video conferencing, mobile integration, contact centre, operator workstation and Business Intelligence from the cloud. The ITK voice solution is a customisable telephony solution for companies that is location-independent and can be scaled flexibly, so we can ensure that your telephony service is suitable for you.

You can find more information at ITK communications or contact us at

Microsoft Skype for Business:

Changes in business communications are setting new requirements for the seamless connection of telephone, video, Web, chat and e-mail. Skype for Business connects users and different communication channels in a single Web-based user interface. Integrating Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Word and SharePoint to further improve the collaboration in your company makes it even easier and faster for users to communicate. With the mobile apps for Windows, iOS and Android, you can connect your teams as if they were all sitting in one room, even when they are on the move. When working together using Office 365, calls can be made from any location with voice over IP and administrative tasks can be consolidated. Aided by the ability to scale as needed and the manageability of Office 365, Skype for Business provides comprehensive security, control and compliance, from the single user to the entire company. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can help you with provisioning and management as well as integration of existing applications and hardware into the platform environment.

Estos ProCall Enterprise

is a unified communications and collaboration solution with CTI, presence management, instant messaging and audio/video communication. It improves collaboration both within the company and also externally with customers, suppliers and business partners (for example), across what were formerly barriers between companies. ProCall is optimised to interact perfectly with your existing ICT infrastructure, including telephone systems, groupware platforms (e.g. Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Tobit David InfoCenter), CRM and ERP systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV), specialised applications, Windows Terminal Server, Citrix Server and virtual server technologies.

Ferrari OfficeMaster Suite:

The OfficeMaster Suite combines fax, SMS and voicemail with your e-mail system. The user data from these otherwise asynchronous services is unified when it is stored and configured. In addition, using the existing infrastructure ensures administrative access via routes already known. OfficeMaster allows you to link your communication channels in a true unified communications solution.


Ready for the future workplace with all-IP

ISDN has had its day – and all-IP is the standard of the future. If you’ve been notified of the termination of your ISDN line, there’s no reason to panic. Changing over to all-IP offers great potential and many options and advantages. IP technology will be the core element in future networks and will make your communications easier and more flexible. For example, the convergence of voice and data networks based on IP considerably reduces installation, operation and maintenance costs. Simple processes allow you to adapt rapidly to market developments, thus ensuring your competitiveness and business success in the long term.Advantages of all-IP:
  • High flexibility
  • Good scalability
  • Simple administration that can be carried out in-house
  • Modular product concepts
  • Nomadic use (telephony)
  • Convergence of fixed network and mobile communications
  • Best voice quality with HD voice
  • Easy to integrate new applications
There are different solutions and options depending on the size of your company and the requirements you have for your communications. As a Deutsche Telekom business partner, we use our extensive expertise and many years of experience to integrate your systems smoothly into all-IP networks. With our close ties, we can speed up processes for you and help you when applying for connections and updating them. We can also advise you when choosing between the available basic and add-on modules, and develop an all-IP solution that is suitable for you and your company.
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