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IT Sicherheitskonzept - Ganzheitliche Sicherheitskonzepte zum Schutz Ihrer
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Holistic approaches to the security and protection of your IT systems

Comprehensive IT security is relevant for companies in multiple regards. Firstly, IT systems are exposed to a wide range of threats. The risk of data misuse is all the greater today, as there are numerous points of attack within a single IT infrastructure. Secondly, companies have to arm themselves against a multitude of different attack scenarios – especially as the attackers are often financially motivated. Furthermore, companies are required to comply with the provisions of the German IT Security Act, which came into effect in July 2015.

Comprehensive protection for your IT landscape

To be best prepared for potential threats at any time, thereby complying with legal requirements, you not only need to use up-to-date products. The most important thing is to develop and implement clear multilevel security concepts. That is to say, companies must not only secure their data, applications, servers and data centres, but also endpoints such as smartphones and tablets. This is essential to ensure that their entire IT landscape is comprehensively protected. As an experienced service provider in the area of IT security, we can support you in effectively protecting your systems against threats of any kind. We analyse your existing security concept, develop a customised, holistic security strategy and implement proven, reliable solutions from manufacturers such as Sophos and SonicWALL in your IT environment.

Network Security

End-to-end security for your network

Communication and teamwork in your company today is often characterised by collaborative approaches, which make teamwork possible across different sites by means of online conferencing, (video) chats, wikis or tools for working jointly on documents, for example. However, it means that the collaboration involves cross-device communication and different devices are increasingly interconnected. This increases the potential security threats for the entire network. In addition, open WLANs, unsecured e-mail communications and unprotected websites provide numerous targets.

Holistic approaches to the security of your network

It is of paramount importance to have comprehensive protection for your network to minimise security risks, using firewalls and e-mail protection solutions, for example. With our services, we help you to take further important safety precautions. This includes separating different networks, for example. The WLAN for the employees in a company should not be accessible for visitors. Instead, two separate WLAN networks should be put in place – one for employees and one for visitors. Working in conjunction with you, we develop detailed plans for the access rights and draw up security concepts for you that take a holistic approach, combining unified threat management, e-mail security and WLAN security, for example. As an experienced service provider in the area of IT security, we use our extensive expertise to help you implement the maximum network security for your company.

Sophos UTM

With the IT security solution Sophos UTM, we provide you with complete unified threat management. This protects your company IT effectively against threats, and includes your e-mail communications, Wi-Fi, endpoints and entire network. All of the security solutions are combined into a centralised application and can therefore be managed quickly and easily by your IT department. An integrated reporting function also allows you to monitor and trace your data flow at all times. Find out more about Sophos UTM from our experts – we’d be happy to advise you.


Using the SonicWALL solutions, you can protect your network without adversely affecting its performance. These scalable and innovative security solutions allow you to customise the protection of your network to your current requirements at any time. This means you can not only ensure greater security for your network but also on mobile devices and in your e-mail communications, as well as comprehensive Web security. You also benefit from real-time monitoring of your data, informative data traffic analyses and detailed reporting. Ask us about the range of functions of SonicWALL.

Endpoint Security

Holistic approaches to your endpoint security

In these times of increasing mobility, endpoint security is becoming more and more important. Traditional measures such as virus protection and anti-spam programs are no longer adequate when it comes to ensuring maximum protection for endpoints – notebooks, tablets, smartphones, etc. Therefore, further security precautions have to be taken, such as the encryption of hard drives and devices, the stipulation of access rules with regard to the company network (network access control) and the protection of dedicated ports. This involves clarifying which ports are permitted to be used and whether USB ports should be blocked, for example, in order to protect company data.

Comprehensive security for all endpoint devices

Extensive measures of this type are all the more important in these times of many diverse threats, and they should be playing an important role in companies’ security considerations. In order to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to relevant data from the outset, a holistic approach to the area of endpoint security is needed. We can advise you as an experienced IT service provider with extensive project experience in the field of security.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

You can secure your systems against malware and targeted attacks with Sophos Endpoint Protection. Innovative technologies and real-time data from SophosLabs enable you to detect threats quickly and easily and eliminate them or avert them altogether. The solution gives you extensive control of your data, applications, mobile devices and your entire company network.

Sophos SafeGuard Encryption

With the encryption solution Sophos SafeGuard Encryption, you can ensure that all of your company data is reliably protected – whether it is on PCs, on networks or in the cloud. Authorised users can exchange data easily and securely. It also includes reports and audits on the current security status of your devices, so the solution makes it easier for you to adhere to security policies.

Sophos Mobile Control

As one of the leading enterprise mobility management solutions, Sophos Mobile Control helps you overcome security challenges due to the increasing use of mobile devices. You can draw up security policies, always keep track of the status of devices and ensure that users are working securely on all mobile devices at all times, thanks to an integrated virus detection function.

Security Consulting

Comprehensive security consulting for the protection of your IT systems

It is today more important than ever for companies to protect their IT infrastructures against manipulation – by hacker attacks or malware, for example – and prevent the misuse or loss of data. To develop and implement optimal security concepts that meet your needs, it is recommended to draw on support from an experienced and reliable partner. As part of our security consulting, Medialine provides you with qualified, vendor-certified employees who can advise you on how to secure your IT systems against threats.

Live hacking and security tests to protect your infrastructure

The manner in which hacker attacks are carried out and how malware works can be very well traced these days. Our specialists in offensive security have the relevant specialised knowledge and are familiar with the way hackers work. In various workshops, they use this expertise to reconstruct potential attacks on your infrastructure. In doing so, working with you, they reveal potential vulnerabilities in your security system. Based on the knowledge gained in the workshops, we then develop an individual security concept for you.

Security Workshop in a Box

As part of our “Security Workshop in a Box” series of workshops, our experts work with you and use security tests or audits, for example, to determine whether there are security holes in your infrastructure, where they are and what measures are necessary to close these holes. With the modular structure of our workshops, you can decide which aspects of your IT infrastructure to test, such as e-mail communications, servers or archiving systems. Needless to say, we cater for your individual requirements. Find out more about our Security Workshop in a Box and contact us!
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