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Rundum sicheres Endpoint- & Systems Management
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Endpoint Computing

Powerful solutions for your endpoint computing

In the course of progressive digitalisation, the workplace is also changing. The percentage of home offices and mobile employees is increasing, which leads to higher demands on the various endpoints. Mobile endpoint devices such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones have to be flexible in their use, while users must be able to access relevant data without any problems from any location. Another demand on mobile devices concerns their performance. They must be powerful enough so that users can efficiently use classic office environments or graphics-intensive applications. In their day-to-day interactions, users also benefit from energy-efficient and extra-quiet endpoint devices.

Secure and flexible

Needless to say, the essential security must not be lacking in endpoint computing – maximum data security must be guaranteed at all times. As an experienced IT service provider, we analyse your requirements for mobile devices and, with our solutions, we ensure that the endpoint computing in your company is secure and flexible. Among the services we offer are IT IMAC services, which include hardware installation and customisation (Install), hardware relocation (Move), hardware extension (Add) and hardware and software changes (Change).

Desktops & Workstations

High-performance desktops and workstations for your special requirements

It is vital to equip the workplace with what is required so that your employees can work as productively as possible. To find the right desktop PC for each workstation, the first step is to analyse the respective requirements. Where should the desktop be located? It is to be attached at the back of a screen? Should it be concealed in the desk so it can’t be seen? The design of a desktop is important depending on the planned positioning. From the mini tower, to the small form factor, through to the ultra small form factor – we will find you the desktop that is perfect for what you want and need. We are also conscious of the high expectations regarding comfort in work environments and can help you in selecting silent devices – perhaps a fanless design or non-spinning hard drives, for example.

Computing power with high-performance workstations

For large projects that demand a great deal of processing power, you need fast, high-performance workstations. To be able to carry out increasingly complex computing operations, such as those involved in construction programs, very large Excel calculations or CAD applications, desktops and workstations need to have adequate computing power. First and foremost, it is crucial that there is sufficient RAM, but suitable processors, hard drives and graphics cards also play an important role when it comes to your individual computing processes. We’d be glad to advise you and help you in selecting the right products. Our services also include support with replacement of products, logistics and roll-out, connection to e-procurement, imaging, patching and asset management.

Notebooks, Ultrabooks & Tablets

Notebooks, ultrabooks and tablets for the mobile workplace

Whether users are working in the field, from home offices or from shifting locations – mobile working is increasingly gaining in importance. Access to company data must therefore be guaranteed from any location and from all mobile endpoint devices, whether they are notebooks, ultrabooks or tablets. To equip your company with the right devices, the first step is to analyse what your employees require from their mobile endpoints. Do they travel a great deal for business? Do they only occasionally take their mobile devices with them to their home office? Or are they power users who run complex computing processes and therefore need particularly high-performance devices? Depending on the individual requirement of each user, the mobile endpoint must provide specific functions and be constructed appropriately e.g. devices that are used in the outdoors or fitted in vehicles.

From analysis to logistics

Together with you, we analyse your requirements for mobile endpoint devices and develop an appropriate concept based on this analysis. Our services also include advice on selecting the right service packages, provisioning the mobile devices, staging and imaging as well as shipping and logistics.

Endpoint & Systems Management

All-round secure endpoint and systems management

With increasing mobility in the work environment, the use of mobile endpoint devices such as tablets, smartphones, notebooks and ultrabooks also increases within the company. These devices are in use all over the world, and so too is the data that is stored on them. Therefore, the importance of professional mobile device management cannot be underestimated.

Comprehensive mobile device management (MDM)

When it comes to endpoint and systems management, everything revolves around the efficient management of mobile endpoint devices. How can I keep the necessary drivers always up to date? How can I effectively protect my devices against malware? How is patch management organised? What security risks need to be considered when using mobile devices? Lifecycle management also plays an important role in this context. How long are my devices covered by a specific warranty and when do I need to replace them? At Medialine we can answer all of these questions for you, support you when selecting suitable MDM solutions and advise you through the implementation.

Sonicwall Kace

With Sonicwall Kace, you obtain a user-friendly systems management appliance with which you can protect all of the devices connected to your network. You can profit from comprehensive endpoint systems management. Regardless of how large your company is or how many mobile devices you have, with Dell Kace, it is extremely easy to implement the provisioning, management, protection and maintenance of your mobile devices. As Dell Kace is a complete pre-installed product, there are no laborious server installations. Other advantages of using Dell hardware are automatic deployment of device drivers, for example, and the fact that you regularly receive information about the warranty periods.

Sophos Mobile Control

Sophos Mobile Control is one of the leading enterprise mobility management solutions, providing you with an easy and time-saving way to manage your mobile devices and allowing you to protect them comprehensively. You can cope with security challenges and draw up security policies. In addition, you can keep an eye on the device status at all times and identify security holes, and finally, optimise your patch management.

Microsoft SCCM

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) from Microsoft is an automation tool with which you can manage your computers, servers and mobile devices from a centralised platform. With SCCM, you can set up applications and organise libraries to group your resources logically, deploy applications appropriately and manage client settings. You can use integrated task sequences to automatically execute tasks in your SCCM environment and you can manage your employees’ mobile devices, to allow them access to company resources. Whether your employees work with desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones, you can make all of the necessary data and applications available to them using SCCM. You can also manage the individual user rights, thereby ensuring the necessary data security. Optimise your business processes with a unified infrastructure and thus increase your employees’ productivity.

Virtual Desktop

Work from any location thanks to desktop virtualisation

With desktop virtualisation, the intelligence is separated from the endpoint device. This means that in a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), the data centre provides the computing power and the endpoint device merely establishes the connection between endpoint and data centre. The advantages of this separation are obvious – you have less of an administrative burden, as there is no administration needed for the endpoint devices. At the same time, you have more control because the data and infrastructure are managed centrally. Furthermore, you can much better scale your resources, as you can define them in the data centre exactly as you actually need them in the VDI environment.

The right VDI solutions for your specific needs

A difference between VDI and traditional endpoint solutions is that with desktop virtualisation, there are no longer any hard drives in endpoint devices, for example. Instead, data can be accessed using thin clients, for instance. These have a reduced operating system, they are smaller, fanless and they are simpler to handle in the case of replacement. We can advise you on different VDI solutions and find you the product that fulfils your particular requirements. Does it make sense to use VDI for your use case? And if so, how can a VDI strategy be best implemented? This is where the experts at Medialine get started. We analyse your individual situation, advise you and help you in selecting the right products.

Citrix XenDesktop

Citrix XenDesktop is a complete virtual application and desktop solution in the form of a single platform that is easy to implement. Access to company resources using mobile endpoint devices is facilitated by the bandwidth-optimised ICA protocol. No matter whether your employees are in a home office, at a customer meeting or on a business trip, they can work from any location using Citrix XenDesktop. With Citrix, you also benefit from high data security, which is guaranteed through centralising the computing power in the data centre.

VMware Horizon

With VMware Horizon, you make virtual or hosted desktops and applications available via a single, centralised virtualisation platform. You use the technologically advanced PCoIP protocol, which enables the end user to work productively regardless of the network conditions. Your employees can access all relevant data, applications and services from any location and thus deal with their everyday work tasks wherever they are. By means of virtual storage and computing and virtual networks, you can dynamically assign required resources as needed, and so you benefit from simple IT management while saving on costs at the same time.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a centralised desktop and application platform and a component of Microsoft Windows Server. You can make virtualised desktops and applications available to your employees, enabling them to work flexibly no matter where they may be at the time. You use the standardised and inexpensive RDP protocol for this. The centralised platform also makes the management of desktops and applications easier for your IT department. We’d be glad to advise you on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.
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