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Flexible Datacenter-Lösungen für Ihren individuellen Bedarf
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Flexible data centre solutions for your individual needs

With the growing relevance of IT for companies, the importance of the data centre increases also. The data centre is becoming the backbone of business processes. Due to progressive digitalisation, however, administrators today are confronted with ever-increasing demands on the data centre, while the resources available are often not increasing to the same extent. These days, data centre infrastructures must not only be flexible, but also show improved productivity. They must also ensure high availability, redundant data storage and maximum security of business-critical information.

High-performance data centre solutions

At Medialine, we make sure that our data centre solutions meet all of these requirements through virtualisation, automation and dynamic allocation of individual components, e.g. allocation to intelligent storage systems by means of tiering or load distribution to split the computing power required between different host systems. As your reliable partner, we analyse your existing IT system and, together with you, we develop appropriate, future-proof solutions for a secure, scalable infrastructure that is customised to your business processes.

Datacenter Automation

Simplify your IT processes with data centre automation

Having IT processes that run smoothly is a basic prerequisite for companies to be able to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements. Data centre automation provides valuable support here, as it ensures that repetitive tasks and processes are always executed in the same way. This makes for higher security and efficiency while saving costs at the same time.

Automated processes – simple and fast via a self-service portal

Within our self-service portal, thanks to data centre automation, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from the following advantages specifically: we host your servers in our ISO-certified data centre, where we provide automated processes that you can launch, manage and combine as required. Accessing the system via a browser, you can independently manage selected processes from your IT services and have full control over your entire infrastructure. You can automatically provide the appropriate applications and resources at the right time to the right people – e.g. server resources in virtual environments or access to hardware resources such as disk space and memory. This allows you to benefit from high scalability, different automation levels and a continuous up-to-date overview of your infrastructure.

Microsoft System Center Orchestrator

Microsoft System Center Orchestrator is workflow automation software that allows you to automate the creation, monitoring and deployment of resources in your data centre. With Orchestrator, you can standardise your IT processes and thereby create routines for your network automation. You can also connect various system management products from different vendors and manage them neatly from a common platform. With the Orchestrator, you not only save time but also increase operational efficiency.

VMware vRealize Orchestrator

Automate complex IT processes with VMware vRealize Orchestrator, improving your operational management and your service quality. This is possible through scalable workflows that are quick and easy to design yourself and provide to your employees. You will benefit from an open and flexible architecture – and therefore from greater agility in your entire infrastructure.

Server & Storage

Future-proofing with reliable server and storage solutions

The trend towards software-based management of storage systems has long been foreseen in the IT world. To implement this in your company, you need a suitable technological base – a hardware platform that meets your requirements perfectly. We focus on innovative disk technologies and a combination of new and proven protocols such as unified storage, Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, InfiniBand and SAS. Our experts have the comprehensive technological expertise to advise you based on your needs when selecting suitable hardware products and server and storage solutions – from the classic SAN (storage attached network) or enterprise NAS (network-attached storage) storage solutions, to file-based storage systems, through to innovative storage solutions with intelligent provisioning and software-based storage management. We can also advise you on all-flash-storage and storage tiering. We create a concept for you based on your needs and, in conjunction with our partners from Dell, EMC and Nexenta, we find the hardware that meets your requirements.Find out more about other topics from the server and storage area:

Software Defined SDx

Flexible management of your IT systems using software-defined storage With the emergence of server virtualisation, software-defined storage has also become a focus of attention. Software-defined storage – or even software-defined data centres or software-defined networking – generally involves separating the intelligence from the hardware. Management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure is software-based. Although the hardware continues to provide for adequate performance, a standardised software solution is used to manage, administer and configure your systems and their functions. Always use the appropriate software and hardware for your particular requirements With software-defined storage, you are considerably more flexible in the use of your software and hardware. You can use standardised software to centrally manage your systems and replace them as needed – you no longer need to purchase individual software functions. If you too are ready to switch over to software-defined storage, we can support you with the planning and design of your new storage environment and the installation of the appropriate solutions. As your reliable service partner, we also help you with configuration, operation and support.


Benefit from powerful legacy storage systems The hard drive technologies in traditional storage systems are changing. Companies are moving away from SAS and SATA hard drives and increasingly changing over to SSD drives. This means that companies are focusing more on all-flash technologies in the future, even for their established, existing systems. Complete storage systems for higher performance  At Medialine, we offer you complete, high-performance storage systems. Our portfolio contains different types of hard drives for numerous application areas, from SAS to SATA through to SSD. We can advise you on the different types of SSD drives – write-intensive, read-intensive or mixed mode. However, the performance of traditional storage systems depends not only on the hard drives but also greatly on the network connection and protocols they use. We provide support for you when selecting suitable protocols, which include the currently popular standard iSCSI with 10G and the advanced Fibre Channel with 16G, for example. In the future, network connections with 40G or even 100G will be more common in order to meet the ever higher speed requirements. The performance, which evolved through the increased use of faster hard drives in the storage systems, is then brought outside to the hosts – where the high performance is needed


Hyper-converged storage systems for simple resource management Hyper-convergent storage systems are software-based infrastructure systems that closely link computing, storage, network and virtualisation resources with each other. This gives you standardised, integrated management of all functions, since all of the integrated technologies are combined in a single appliance. It considerably reduces administrative effort. Furthermore, hyper-converged storage systems have frameless, high scalability, enabling a purely linear system expansion. With regard to your hardware, you have the advantage that in hyper-convergent storage systems, different functional hardware can be mounted in an existing chassis in a flexible and modular way and scaled as required. We are the partner you can rely on when selecting suitable solutions from manufacturers such as DELL, Nutanix or VMware. We’d be glad to recommend products for you that will meet your special requirements.

Network Solutions

Achieve maximum stability and performance for your network

Steadily growing volumes of data mean that you need high-performance network solutions. Both the front-end and the back-end systems need to be high-performance. There is an increasing focus, for example, on software-defined networking (SDN) – a new form of network architecture where management and monitoring of the data streams is software-based and is carried out from a central location and in real time. Thus, it is easier to manage the network and customise it to meet new requirements.

New, fast technologies for your network

Another development that presents challenges for your network is that Individual areas – back-end infrastructures in the SAN as well as networks in the LAN and WLAN – are increasingly merging with each other. This means that these areas must in future be represented in a standardised management solution. Administrators must be able to make the appropriate adjustments – such as the connection of new ports – easily and quickly. They need new technologies for this. We at Medialine can carry out measurements, based on which you can review the performance of your network and then increase it with suitable network solutions.

Dell Networking

The Dell Networking solutions ensure high network stability for your company. You will benefit from having comprehensive control of your network, and preventing failures and downtime. This means that you not only save on operating costs but also increase the quality of services in your company. Ask us about Dell Networking solutions. We’ll be glad to advise you.

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor allows end-to-end server and network monitoring. With this solution, you can collect the data for all of the processes in your network so that you have a comprehensive overview of the information. This allows you to prevent performance bottlenecks, minimise downtime and thus increase your quality of service. We’d be glad to advise you on the PRTG Network Monitor and support you as your implementation partner.


In this digital transformation age, virtualisation solutions are an integral part of corporate IT. Server and storage virtualisation in particular allows companies to better utilise the capacity of their hardware, save on investment and provide IT resources faster and more flexibly – and this also sometimes applies to the virtualisation of desktops, networks and applications. We support you when selecting a suitable virtualisation platform, and give you valuable help to make sure you obtain the best possible infrastructure for your company. As an IT service provider, we have various virtualisation solutions on offer that we can also integrate into your system landscape.


With VMware, the following reliable and secure virtualisation platforms are available to you:

        • VMware vSphere: decouples applications and operating systems from the underlying hardware – reducing the complexity of your IT infrastructure. You save on hardware costs, improve the service quality of your applications and benefit from a higher level of data security.
        • VMware vCenter-Server: is a centralised platform, with which you can manage your VMware vSphere environment from a single location. You benefit from automated processes, greater scalability and increased transparency.

Microsoft Hyper-V

To increase the mobility and availability of your virtual machines (VMs), it is recommended to use Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V 3.0. This provides you with a suitable platform and the appropriate tools. The solution gives you the necessary portability to virtualise your in-house servers or extend your data centre to a hosting provider – without additional virtualisation software. Hyper-V 3.0 is included as a free-of-charge add-on in the Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard and Datacenter versions. You will benefit from considerable cost savings, increased flexibility and a significant improvement in operational efficiency.

Citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer is an industry-leading and market-leading open-source virtualisation platform for managing virtual cloud, server and desktop infrastructures. XenServer, with the integrated virtualisation platform for Citrix XenDesktop, provides the best possible performance in the area of desktop virtualisation particularly. Automated administration processes mean that you benefit from greater IT flexibility and agility, while saving on costs at the same time. XenServer allows you to significantly reduce the number of servers in data centres and make better use of existing hardware resources. With live migration of VMs, high availability of the system and dynamic storage control, XenServer helps IT administrators to maximise application performance and increase efficiency.
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