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Betriebsausfälle verhindern via Data Protection
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Data Protection

Data protection – customised plan for the security of your data

Unnecessary expense is caused by loss of production and the associated disruptions in day-to-day work. Data loss in particular can do considerable damage in these situations. Yet, many companies do not concern themselves sufficiently with the matter of data protection. Those in charge often don’t realise how essential it is to have effective protection against data losses until it is too late – namely, when data is lost through natural forces or accidents, for example. There are different methods you can use to protect your company against data loss. We develop a data backup and archiving plan that is appropriate for you and we support you in setting up a suitable infrastructure. This may involve implementing data protection solutions, for example, or complete redundant environments.

Server Backup

Powerful backup solutions for reliable data backup

For anyone who wants important company data to be available consistently at all times and wants to reduce downtime as much as possible, there is no way around regular backups. In spite of the increasing volume of data, it needs to be backed up quickly. Therefore, you need backup solutions that allow you to make consistent backups of data in a short time – and without interrupting operational day-to-day business. With Veeam Backup & Replication and Quest Rapid Recovery, we are offering you powerful, reliable solutions for either virtualised or physical environments that allow error-fee data backup in a very short time. What is more, we can integrate cross-vendor deduplication solutions – which can be agent-based or agentless – into your IT infrastructure. This allows you to detect redundant data files and effectively avoid duplicates.

Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam Backup & Replication provides you with a user-friendly backup and availability solution that allows efficient recovery of virtualised applications and data. You benefit from a fast, secure backup and greater availability of your data. Ask us about the possible applications for use that Veeam Backup & Replication can offer you.

Rapid Recovery

Consistent backup and recovery processes for data, applications or entire systems – physical, virtual or cloud-based – are no longer a challenge with Rapid Recovery. A particular advantage of the solution is that you can use resources that you need even during the recovery. The recovery itself takes less than 15 minutes. Find out more about this powerful solution – we’ll be glad to advise you.

Endpoint Backup

Endpoint backup solutions for end-to-end data security

Backing up important company data in a centralised IT infrastructure is now commonplace. However, the question of endpoint backup often fades into the background. A considerable portion of the data is still stored locally, on desktops or local systems, for example. Since there is an increasing number of mobile employees who use mobile endpoint devices such as notebooks, smartphones and tablets, the risk of data loss cannot be underestimated and the question of endpoint backup should be considered in the framework of comprehensive protection of data.

Secure data for the worst-case scenario

There are various aspects to professional endpoint backup. For one thing, the users need to be able to recover their data themselves in the event of data loss, via a self service portal, for example. For another, the entire infrastructure must be completely protected. With mobile devices, this means that software must be installed on the clients of all employees to automatically back up the local data to a data centre or an appropriate server structure. In the event that a device is lost or stolen, the information will still be available via a browser.

Carbonite Endpoint Protection

Carbonite Endpoint Protection is a cloud-based backup and recovery solution for mobile devices that ensures data is continuously backed up irrespective of network connectivity, thus effectively preventing loss of data. This efficient endpoint backup solution provides companies with complete transparency and control over sensitive data. We’d be happy to familiarise you with the other functions of Carbonite Endpoint Protection.

Site Recovery

Comprehensive data backup using efficient recovery solutions

In the event of data loss, which may be caused by fire, natural forces, power failures or accidents, for example, a company is dependent on reliable disaster recovery. Companies need to know how to react in such a situation. They must also have the necessary resources to ensure business continuity – by ensuring redundancy and carrying out replication, for example. You should save your business-critical data in various locations and protect it using different fire protection areas or security areas.

Fully prepared for the case of sudden data loss

At Medialine, we can advise you with our expertise in the area of site recovery. We draw up a concept and a disaster recovery manual for you, which will familiarise you with the most important rules for how to react in the event of a sudden data loss. Furthermore, we carry out reviews to uncover any vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and we define appropriate service level agreements (SLAs). In addition, we implement the reliable and flexible solutions of our partners DellEMC and Quest. Thus, you can duplicate your data and keep the data flow as small as possible.

DellEMC Data Domain

With Data Domain, you back up your data efficiently and independently from the storage location. EMC’s product range offers you scalable, cloud-enabled data protection storage that can be used for applications such as backup, archiving and disaster recovery. The systems enable fast creation of backups, data deduplication and reliable data recovery within a short time. Find out more about the advantages of the DellEMC solution.

Quest DR Series

With its comprehensive backup and deduplication functions, the Quest DR Series backup and recovery solution ensures that your data does not need so much storage space, as any redundant data is identified and removed. You can create fully-optimised backup environments for your company quickly and easily. We can help you in selecting the right Quest DR Series products.
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