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Professionelles Data Management durch Data Analytics und Data Governance
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Data Management

Optimise your digital workplace with professional data management

In these times of big data, the volume of data to be managed and the storage location for the data are of great importance to companies. For professional data management, however, the type of data also plays a particular role. What information exists? How sensitive is the information? For what purposes is it used? How can it be made available for certain situations? In this age of digital workplaces, it needs to be possible to access relevant data from home, when travelling or from different branches – for digital teamwork across locations, for example. Archiving and collaboration are therefore two important topics in day-to-day business. We can give you targeted advice about how you can optimally manage your data according to the individual needs of your company and support you when selecting and implementing the appropriate solutions.


Reliable solutions for efficient data archiving

With growing data volumes, the retention and archiving of data is an increasing challenge for companies. If you want to overcome this successfully, you need to consider two factors above all. One is that the duration of the archiving plays a decisive role. There are legal regulations for companies specifying what data they have to archive and for how long. The second factor concerns the technical constraints that arise with long-term data archiving. For example, how much data can even be stored long-term and how can this be done? The right solutions must also ensure that you can quickly and easily access the archived data at any time.

The right solutions for legally compliant data archiving

Als erfahrener IT-Dienstleister versorgen wir Ihr Unternehmen mit effizienten Lösungen für eine nachhaltige und gesetzeskonforme Datenarchivierung – ob nun on premise oder aus der Cloud. Um zum Beispiel eine effiziente Speicherung Ihrer E-Mails zu bewerkstelligen, bieten wir Ihnen Lösungen an, die durch modernste Archivierungs-Mechanismen schnell wieder Platz in Ihrem Online-Postfach schaffen.


With MailStore, we are offering you a reliable, low-maintenance e-mail archiving solution and comprehensive protection against data loss. Take the load off your e-mail server and simplify your backup and restore processes, while complying with all of the legal requirements at all times. The MailStore-Produkte are compatible with almost all e-mail systems. We’d be pleased to advise you about this in detail.

Barracuda Message Archiver

Barracuda Message Archiver allows you to archive and restore all of your e-mail communications. At the same time, using this efficient appliance allows you to reduce the disk space requirement – and furthermore, you can forecast this using comprehensive reports. In addition, Barracuda Message Archiver enables you to adhere to legal requirements and compliance guidelines at all times with no problems.


ELO XC is a server-based e-mail archiving module that can be integrated into ELOprofessional or ELOenterprise, but you can also use stand-alone. The module enables you to carry out legally compliant, automated archiving of both outgoing and incoming e-mails. With ELO XC, however, not only can you organise your e-mail management more efficiently, but you can also archive and link all other documents and files – and your employees benefit from company-wide, flexible and fast access to business-related information.

File Sharing

Successful collaboration with file sharing

An increasingly networked world demands that we have the means to cooperate and communicate with each other quickly and easily e.g. in teams, even across different sites. A prerequisite for this is that relevant documents can be shared without problems and worked on jointly. The digitalisation of business processes, which allows this file sharing, is therefore increasingly important.

We are your reliable partner for efficient online collaboration

Medialine offers you a comprehensive portfolio in the areas of online collaboration and unified communications. Solutions such as Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync), Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365 combine file sharing and desktop sharing, so your employees can share documents, hold conferences and view joint presentations – regardless of their locations. We analyse which solution would be best for you, step by step. We examine your special requirements, work out a project concept and suggest suitable products for you, such as Estos ProCall or Confluence from Atlassian, for example. We particularly focus on ready-made out-of-the-box standards. We also take care of the implementation and operation of your solution. Our objective is to streamline your business processes using efficient communication media, thus reducing your costs and speeding up decision processes. Here, we dispense with expensive individual solutions, providing you instead with comprehensive platforms that we scale according to your needs and develop further so that your internal structures can always keep pace with technological advancement.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a Web-based platform for jointly creating, managing and exchanging information and documents. It includes project management, intranet and content management functions. Enable your employees to work together efficiently – whatever their location.


With ownCloud, you have a file sync and share solution that connects your employees, sites, partners and customers with each other. You can control data access as needed and ensure efficient collaboration in your company. ownCloud can be integrated seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure – and it also simplifies your business processes.
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