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Intelligente Business Solutions für Ihre Geschäftsprozesse
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Business Solutions

Intelligent business solutions for your business processes

Companies are today reliant on user-oriented software solutions and optimal mapping of all business processes in the areas of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise content management (ECM). We develop a customised concept for you and recommend suitable software products – from mesonic WinLine (ERP), to Cobra CRM Pro and CAS genesis World (CRM), through to ELO Professional (ECM). We also customise the solutions individually for you, implement them into your existing IT infrastructure and connect them to relevant third-party systems.

Competent project support – from conception through to implementation

As an IT service provider with extensive expertise, we ensure that your company’s business processes are efficient. We analyse the existing situation, conceptualise your IT project and support you to ensure a successful implementation. With proven software solutions such as Cobra CRM Pro and ELO Professional, which can be closely interlinked with each other via a special connector, we link the different areas – within your company and even across company boundaries. This means we can guarantee you compliance with all data protection law requirements at all times.

Profit from intelligently linked business solutions in an integrated environment – with automated workflows, faster work processes and professional customer relationship management. In accordance with your requirements, our experts can look after the customising and programming of interfaces, with the result that the ECM, CRM and ERP solutions you use will facilitate integrated and efficient operations. We always offer you future-proof, state-of-the-art solutions, and this also applies to the areas of collaboration, document output management and software development.

You can find out more details about our range of solutions on the following pages, or contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with any specific questions.
We’re always here for you!


Comprehensive and flexible: modular ERP solution for medium-sized companies

An ERP system should not only cover all business processes in the company and assist users efficiently, but also be easy and convenient to operate. With mesonic WinLine, we offer our customers a solution that has been impressing medium-sized companies in particular for years, due to its level of performance and its user-friendliness. Flexible modules ensure efficient, integrated processes in the following areas, among others: financial and fixed asset accounting, cost accounting, merchandise management, order processing, human resources and customer relationship management. The solution also includes a powerful module for production planning and control (PPS), which is why the WinLine ERP system is especially popular and frequently used by wholesalers, service providers and online retailers as well as companies from the manufacturing industry. Other useful features are the Business Intelligence tools, with which you can have an up-to-date overview of your company key performance indicators at all times. Not least, mobile apps allow your employees access to the information stored in WinLine from anywhere and at any time.

Customised, needs-based extensions to the ERP system

As Medialine has been a partner of mesonic’s for many years, our Certified Development Consultants have extensive project experience in implementing and customising the WinLine ERP system. Whether you require integration and connection of industry-specific, third-party systems or other customisation or extensions, we have the experience and the essential expertise to make sure that your ERP system will best fulfil the individual requirements of your company.


Efficient document management with ELO

With the ELO Professional range of solutions, we provide you with a cutting-edge, scalable enterprise content management system that is oriented to your needs both in size and scope. You can centrally manage documents and information securely and clearly, and you benefit from transparent business processes. A particular benefit of ELO Professional is that you can integrate automated workflows for all kinds of processes, e.g. for the processing of incoming invoices or for release processes.

As a certified ELO business partner, we at Medialine have extensive special expertise in the ELO product range, thanks to practical training sessions and our continuing education process. We provide you with expert, needs-based support in integrating the ECM software into your IT environment and customising the ELO ECM solutions in the best way to suit your individual company requirements.


With the add-on module ELO DocXtractor INVOICE, you can ensure fast, automated processing of invoices. Benefit from consistently transparent, tamper-proof, digital processing operations – from receipt, to entry and verification, through to approval of the invoice. All processes are centrally initiated, managed and monitored – and you are always kept up to date on all of them with a status overview in real time. Thanks to standardised electronic processes, you reduce your processing costs and times, increasing the quality of your data at the same time.

If required, we can not only help you with the implementation of this module, but also with individual customisation – integration of special fields or setting up automated order matching, for example.

ELO Business Logic Provider

The ELO Business Logic Provider (BLP) module allows various business applications to be interlinked seamlessly for a cross-company process. You can create, edit and manage the content efficiently and clearly. Thanks to a high level of automation and readily accessible information that is easy to use, you significantly reduce your processing times, while at the same time making your operational processes more efficient.

The experts at Medialine ensure fast implementation of ELO BLP into your IT infrastructure, achieving a precise fit. They can also look after the connection of relevant systems such as CRM or ERP for you if required.


CRM systems for successful customer relationship management

In sales, marketing or service and support, professional, needs-based customer relationship management (CRM) is the basis for successful customer relationships – and therefore, for a profitable business. We can advise you with regard to selecting a solution that is right for you according to your requirements, take care of the implementation of your CRM system and ensure seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. Thanks to our many years of project experience, we can provide you with a productive base system in no time.

Customising your CRM system to industry-specific and company-specific requirements

Naturally, we will also program individual customisation, extensions and interfaces as needed so that your CRM system best fulfils any industry-specific and company-specific requirements. With our powerful CRM solutions, you benefit from efficient processes, automated workflows and a permanently up-to-date overview of your customers and contacts. Therefore, you can be sure to contact them as and when needed and provide an optimal service, which increases customer satisfaction and better utilises upselling and cross-selling potential.

Cobra CRM Pro

As a Cobra Premium Partner, we have already implemented numerous challenging projects successfully and are in a position to implement Cobra CRM Pro projects extremely quickly. Especially for small-to-medium-sized companies and for individual departments in large enterprises, Cobra CRM Pro offers an extensive range of possible applications. Industry-specific third-party systems such as document management solutions and tools for address verification can also be connected without any problems via interfaces. In addition, Cobra CRM Pro has powerful mobile clients so that your employees can access any necessary information at any time from mobile devices and benefit from efficient processes and automated workflows even while on the move.

CAS genesisWorld

Particularly companies with a great many CRM users will profit from CAS genesisWorld – a powerful, multi-client capable, scalable solution. As well as flexible, mobile access to all data, the particular strengths of the system are the extensive possibilities for integration with other business solutions. This allows even complex tasks and processes to be mapped with CAS genesisWorld – from contract and project management, to helpdesk ticketing, event planning and mailing campaigns, through to sales management. As an experienced integration partner of many years, Medialine ensures quick implementation and connection of CAS genesis World; not only this but, if required, we can take care of the user interface design, making sure it is user-friendly and customised to your needs. This means you can ensure that your employees are not only more efficient and more productive, but they also like working with the system.

Big Data

Unstrukturierte Daten in wertvolles Wissen verwandeln

Das Datenvolumen in den Unternehmen wächst rasant. Täglich kommen Informationen aus verschiedensten Quellen, Sensoren und Devices hinzu. Entwicklungen wie die fortschreitende Digitalisierung, das Internet der Dinge (IoT) und Wirtschaft 4.0 verschärfen die Situation – heute und in Zukunft. Viele Unternehmen haben den ersten Big-Data-Schritt bereits gemacht: Sie verfügen über relationale Datenbanken, in denen sie größte Datenmengen erfassen und darstellen. Doch ohne aussagekräftige Auswertungen und dem Gewinn damit verbundener Erkenntnisse für Ihr Business, bleibt das enorme Potenzial Ihrer Daten ungenutzt. Doch in Zeiten des digitalen Wandels müssen Sie alle Daten, die Sie heute und in Zukunft erfassen, für Ihr Unternehmen optimal nutzen können. Nur so bleiben Sie langfristig erfolgreich.

Daten aus verschiedenen Perspektiven betrachten

Mit Hadoop stellen wir eine Plattform für Sie bereit, mit der Sie riesige Datenmengen schnell und komfortabel analysieren können. Wir implementieren das Java-basierte Open-Source Framework in Ihre IT-Systemumgebung und schaffen damit die Basis, damit Sie unstrukturierte Daten aller Art einschließlich Texten, Bildern und Videos aus unterschiedlichsten Quellen, wie etwa Social-Media-Plattformen, IoT-Anwendungen oder Sensoren, nicht nur intelligent auszuwerten, sondern auch aus verschiedenen Perspektiven bedarfsgerecht und flexibel betrachten können: Aus einem produktionsspezifischen Blickwinkel erfahren Sie beispielsweise, welche Maschine in welchem Umfang zur Produktivität beiträgt und wie sich Ausfälle oder Verzögerungen auswirken. Betrachten Sie dieselben Daten aus finanzieller Sicht, gewinnen Sie wertvolle Erkenntnisse darüber, welchen Umsatz bzw. Gewinn Sie mit einer Maschine pro Minute oder Stunde erzielen. Basierend auf einer solchen 360°-Betrachtung Ihrer Daten erkennen Sie, was aktuell in Ihrem Business passiert, nehmen Entwicklungen frühzeitig wahr und können auf aktuelle Trends und Tendenzen adäquat reagieren. Das erlaubt Ihnen, einen validen Forecast zu erstellen und kontinuierlich anzupassen – ausgerichtet an der tatsächlichen Realität und der prognostizierten Zukunft.

Data Integration

Data integration for intelligent links and efficient processes

For your IT systems to achieve the maximum benefits for your business, it is essential to have intelligent linking of different solutions and seamless exchange of data. We have developed interfaces for this, which allow automated and bidirectional data synchronisation and data exchange between your CRM, ERP and DMS systems.

GetSmart: Document management for Cobra CRM

With GetSmart, you benefit from the functionality of a document management system right in your Cobra CRM environment. The integrated ELO DMS client dispenses with the need to install a separate DMS client. Users simply log in to the Cobra CRM system and, from there, they can file, search for and find documents, while storing any number of versions. Cobra offers the same clear view and user-friendly structure as in ELO.

Mesonic WINLine / CAS Genesis World integration server

Whether you’re dealing with addresses, article data, documents, customer sales, supplier sales, or open items, the Mesonic WINLine / CAS Genesis World integration server allows automated exchange of all kinds of data between your ERP and CRM system. You can benefit from fully-automatic address matching and manage multiple clients; you can transfer ERP documents including article items and synchronise the sales transactions directly in CAS Genesis World with all of the related documentation. You can also synchronise all available data from WINLine with Genesis World for informational and analysis purposes and consolidate multiple clients in the ERP system into one object in the CAS Genesis World CRM. Not least, you benefit from transparent processes and workflows that can be mapped individually. Thus, you can determine, for instance, that an approval process has been started if the discount for an offer exceeds a defined value; or that when a maintenance order is created, the spare part order is generated automatically and a corresponding job is created for the seller in Genesis World.

Branch-specific Solutions

Our industry solutions – a precise fit to meet your needs

With regard to software applications, each industry has its own very particular requirements. As a specialist in your area, you therefore need solutions that meet the specific demands of your industry – and can at the same time be integrated seamlessly into your existing IT landscape. Hence, at Medialine we offer you special solutions for different industries. Adjustments to applications and interfaces or even custom development may be necessary in many cases in order to fulfil specific requirements for software applications and link them usefully with existing solutions. Thanks to our nearshore development team, which is made up of experienced developers, we can implement your individual requirements to achieve a precise fit.


Our solutions for the automotive industry map import, wholesale and retail processes. Different modules support efficient business processes in sales, distribution, trade, service, workshop management and the spare parts business. They are based on the integration of customer and vehicle information in the CRM program CAS genesisWorld with financial data from the ERP software WinLine from Mesonic. Thus, we provide vehicle importers and dealers with a solution that maps all relevant information in an integrated way and reduces labour costs. In addition, thanks to an integrative reporting system, users are always informed about their business matters, allowing them to make the right decisions quickly. Workshops benefit from our specific industry solution also, thanks to complete workshop management. From the order acceptance, to the processing of service and repairs (including ordering and handling spare parts), through to invoicing, each process step can be mapped in the software in a way that is transparent and comprehensible.

E-commerce/shop solutions

For online shop operators, we develop and operate e-commerce platforms based on the solutions Oxid eSales and Magento. Naturally, we also look after the integration, customisation, and if necessary, development of all of the interfaces, as well as the connection of all relevant third-party systems. We provide you with complete B2C commerce solutions tailored to your needs so that you can successfully sell your products and services over the Internet. The experts at Medialine take care of the Web design, provide the backbone for efficient order processing, look after the mapping of smooth transnational payment transactions (with appropriate pricing and VAT control) and integrate shipment tracking tools as well as marketing and customer care functions.

Financial services provider

It is mandatory for banks and financial services providers to document all customer processes without any gaps and store this in such a way that it is tamper-proof. Regulatory requirements such as FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and CRS (Common Reporting Standard) also demand that address and tax data be verified and exchanged. With our solution, which is based on Cobra CRM and ELO DMS, you can not only guarantee tamper-proof documentation but you also benefit from automated, reliable verification and exchange processes, for which we store the legal list of criteria. Furthermore, we provide you with integrated, automated form management, with which you can ensure that all of your forms are always completely up to date without any great effort.

As an asset manager, you also benefit from interfaces between the document management system and securities banks. Automated data transfer and data storage ensures that all process steps are documented efficiently and in a manner that meets compliance requirements.

Leasing and rental service providers

For vehicle and equipment rental companies, property management companies and leasing and rental service providers, we provide a database-based solution for contract management. We also offer modules based on your needs for automatic and periodic invoicing, monitoring of business processes and reporting, including a BI function.

Manufacturing industry

In the area of production, it is a constantly growing challenge to adhere to maintenance, servicing and inspection intervals for machinery and equipment. With our utility maintenance module for CRM system CAS Genesis World XRM, we can provide production plants with IT-based maintenance planning for all devices, machinery and tools. Many of our medium-sized companies also use the PPS (production planning and control) module from the Mesonic Winline ERP system for their production control.

IT service providers

Providing fast and competent service is essential for customer relationships that are profitable in the long term. With our professional helpdesk service module based on the CAS Genesis World CRM system, you can create support tickets, easily involve employees in the support, document all work steps and provide everybody involved, including your customers, with clear, comprehensible information about the status, completion and cost for every ticket action. This allows you to improve the efficiency and quality of your support service, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Our WinLine/COP interface integrates the COP purchasing platform and the WinLine ERP system into a complete industry solution for IT system houses. This makes

your purchasing and ordering processes simple and fast. For example, your employees can access the items they want and order them directly from merchandise management in Mesonic Winline without changing programs. After ordering, the process can then be followed up in merchandise management in the ERP system.

Passenger transportation

For transport operators in the area of passenger transportation, we provide a system for buying tickets online, which includes needs-based business software and can also be used with a smartphone. This allows bus companies, for example, to offer their customers modern, simple booking options and so optimise the capacity of the vehicles they run.


In the tourism sector, we can offer service providers such as travel agencies a powerful solution for complete customer relationship management including expenses based on cobra CRM Pro. You can profit from a dynamic, automated, intelligent system that provides access to all customer situations at any time, displays all customer contacts with all employees in the company and has both a central data entry system and an extensive social media link. Medialine can also integrate fully-automated mail management, process-oriented complaint management and completely auditable contract management with event control. Other features include graphical sales forecasts, a transparent commission system and clear sales management. The automated processes, higher quality of data and efficient controlling ensure that you can react faster and in a more targeted manner to developments and changes on the customer side. We can also program any required interfaces or connections to third-party systems flexibly according to your individual requirements.


In the areas of warehousing and logistics, Medialine offers a solution that allows stock movements to be processed right in the WinLine ERP system using barcode scanners. With this solution, picklists and picking slips are no longer needed, and neither do you need to go through the time-consuming and error-prone manual process of subsequently entering paper-based documents. This flexible solution can be customised to the requirements of any process workflows and is fully integrated into the merchandise management module in the WinLine ERP system. You can benefit from efficient inventory by entering items quickly and easily using a barcode scanner, and you save time and labour costs thanks to simplified, automated processes for goods receipt and goods issue, stock transfer, labelling and workflow management.

Software- & App-Development

Software and app development – customised and based on your needs

IT and software have long since become an indispensable component of all business processes – with the result that companies increasingly have to contend with heterogeneous IT landscapes. Whether covering the specific software needs of an individual department or providing mobile apps to conveniently handle business processes using a tablet or smartphone, standalone solutions – which often involve heavy costs to integrate them into the existing IT infrastructure – do not generally make a practical addition. In fact, to allow you to exploit the full potential of your business solutions, it is vital to provide an integrated software landscape by means of customised needs-based development.

Bespoke business applications

At Medialine, a team of highly-qualified specialists is available to develop customised software, apps and interfaces for you – tailored exactly to your company’s requirements. Our developers have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in implementing special solutions in the business software area and developing customised websites, mobile apps, server-client apps and Web applications using technologies such as C++, C#, .net, .asp, Java, HTML5 and Delphi. Our nearshore development team ensures that your processes do not have to adapt to your software but rather that your solutions and mobile apps are completely oriented to your requirements. We also naturally ensure the secure and smooth operation of your software and IT infrastructure, and should you require it, we can take over the complete management of your updates and compliance as well as your change management.


Collaboration solutions for more efficient partnership

In an increasingly networked world, the digitalisation of processes is playing an ever more important role for companies. Fast, comprehensive communication and collaboration across geographical borders and different locations is therefore an essential factor for success. To allow you to implement cross-department and cross-company unified communications and more efficient work processes, Medialine can offer you a complete solution portfolio in the areas of collaboration and unified communications (UC). We advise you on selecting the right solutions and we support you with the conceptual design and implementation of your project as well as with subsequently operating your solution. You benefit from a professional UC and collaboration infrastructure with faster decisions, more efficient business processes and therefore noticeable cost savings.

Well-established solutions for collaboration and unified communications

You’ll benefit from our extensive experience and in-depth expertise in the planning and implementation of integrated projects involving communication, knowledge exchange and collaboration in the company. We provide you with efficient, scalable solutions with which you can implement the common processing of documents, web conferences etc., cost-effectively without having to invest in expensive individual technologies. The products that we use, depending on your needs and requirements, include the following:

Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync)

With Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync), users can communicate from any endpoint device – via voice-based communication, chat or video conference, and using a desktop, tablet or smartphone. They can also start conversations via Office applications and exchange information directly from Office. The communications are protected with powerful encryption and authentication.

Microsoft SharePoint

Web-based platform for jointly producing, managing and exchanging information and documents. It includes project management, intranet and content management functions

Office 365

Microsoft Office from the cloud, for installation on desktop PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile) – so users can conveniently work on Office documents at any time and from any endpoint device. For companies, Office 365 also offers services such as Skype for Business Web conferences, extensive online storage space and company e-mails hosted in Exchange Online.


Commercial wiki software from Australian software developer Atlassian, which has become established as an enterprise wiki for communication and knowledge exchange in companies. Confluence allows users to jointly work on and organise documents as well as having social intranet and knowledge base functions.

Estos ProCall Enterprise

Estos ProCall Enterprise is a unified communications and collaboration solution with CTI, presence management, instant messaging and audio/video communication. It improves collaboration within the company and also with customers, suppliers and business partners.


Open source software for file-hosting/filesharing using your own server, which can be automatically synchronised with a local folder using a corresponding client. As a result, a consistent pool of data is accessible from different workstations.For more information and individual advice please contact us!!

Document Output Management

Document output management – cost-effective and transparent

Even though business processes and office communications are becoming increasingly digitalised, hardly any companies could talk about having the the much-quoted “paperless office” up to now. However, devices such as printers, copiers, faxes, scanners and multifunction devices (MFP systems) also need to be cost-efficiently integrated into the complete business process. With our document output management solutions, we help you to reduce media disruption between your digital and physical (paper-based) documents to as few interfaces as possible.

Needs-based, manufacturer-independent managed print services

Medialine works in conjunction with several different manufacturers. Therefore, you can be sure that we’ll always offer you precisely the products and services that best suit your needs. With our flexible print management concept for printer, copier and MFP systems, you benefit from an all-round service from a single source. As well as provisioning, roll-out, lifecycle management, maintenance and centralised management of the hardware, we offer you transparent payment models such as pay-per-page or pay-per-click. Under managed print services, we also give you an output page flat rate across various device types. Furthermore, we can take care of the commercial integration of invoicing models, perhaps for different cost centres, if you need us to.
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